Corona Virus: What are the symptoms of Covid-19 disease?

Tiredness and fatigue, headaches, memory and concentration problems, muscle aches… At the moment, many Belgians are experiencing some of the symptoms of Covid-19 disease.

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More than 2,000 Belgians feel symptoms after three months of follow-up to the acute phase of infection, as part of a study on “long-acting” Covid syndrome, or “prolonged Covid”, which was revealed in December. Scinsano stated that the study will continue until April 2023.

“Our first results show that the long-term coronavirus affects the daily lives of people who suffer from it, with negative consequences for their physical, mental and social health,” identified Dr. Pierre Smith, researcher on the project. The team studying the long-term effects of COVID-19 infection.

Symptoms most frequently observed in this context are: tiredness/fatigue (51%); Headache (28%). problems with memory and concentration (26%); muscle pain (24%); Breathing difficulties (23%) and sleep disturbances (20%).

People at greatest risk of developing COVID-19 in the long term are women, people with a lower level of education, a history of chronic disease, those who are overweight/obese, and those who have shown at least one symptom of the disease. In acute infection.

In terms of mental health, the incidence of anxiety disorders is 12% in people with prolonged virus and 4% in people without symptoms. These percentages are respectively 18% and 5% for depressive disorders. Dr Smith concluded that “the long-standing coronavirus is an important public health issue.”

More than 2,000 people were followed 3 months after contracting the virus. The study will continue until April 2022.


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