An anti-noise radar will be installed near Lyon

Did you know ? Noise makes us lose several months of healthy life expectancy. For significant noise pollution, the consequences can be dire. Exposure to noise causes a feeling of discomfort and stress that disturbs the organism – human and animal. The health cost – noise can cause costly diseases such as obesity or cardiovascular disease – and the financial costs are high (156 billion euros nationally).

To combat noise pollution caused by vehicles, the city of Brunn decided to experiment with anti-noise radar (Manufactured by Bruitparif Observatory and two French companies, including Écully-based MicrodB). This system will target two-wheeled vehicles and noisy vehicles with particular attention to vehicles that are intentionally tampered with. The device takes pictures of license plates of vehicles exceeding fixed thresholds, the limits of which have not yet been established.

No verbal at the moment

The anti-noise radar will be equipped with five microphones and a 360-degree camera which will capture the emitted decibel level and its origin., What’s called ” voice tracking Goal: Track extremely noisy vehicles exceeding 90 decibels. This system will be connected directly to cameras and the city’s video surveillance center so that disturbing vehicles can be identified and photographed.

This experiment will not result in verbal vocalizations at first, the aim is to check the feasibility of these controls and to determine the maximum volume that cannot be exceeded. Once the experiment is validated, formal commissioning of these anti-noise radars will likely begin in early 2023.


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