In England Muslims are discovering hiking and not everyone likes it

The British are great walkers and have been for centuries. The fact remains that across the canal, only 1% of visitors to national parks come from black, Asian, or minority ethnic communities; Although this population is particularly affected by diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. A note can not leave indifferent Aaron Motta, the former European champion in kickboxing, who decided in 2020 to create “Muslim parks”. goal? Introducing the Muslim community to hiking and eliminating prejudices that affect them. Ethnic minorities enjoy living in nature, but feel excluded because they are “highly visible in an exclusively English environment,” according to a study on diversity commissioned by Britain’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). They clearly do not feel out of place in the face of rural societies which are seen as cohesive, white, privileged, older, more conservative than city dwellers, and above all not open to change. As a result, in the UK, this population has, on average, 11 times less access to green space than their white counterparts, and only 20% of black children are from Asia or from ethnic minorities (BAME: black, Asian and minority ethnic), moved to the countryside, versus 40% of white children, details a report by CPRE (rural charity) published in 2021. Target 1: Wales’ highest peak, Aaron Motta, founder of “Muslim Hikers,” a A group he founded to encourage Muslims to get out of the city and discover nature, and thus is an exception. Successful athlete, European champion in kickboxing at the age of 17, continued to practice various sports. Even better, he made it his subject of study at Coventry University and over the years he has been involved in charitable work of a predominantly sporting nature within Islamic Relief. Since then, he has joined the Islamic charity Benny Abel and set up…

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