Childhood Obesity: Symptoms and Natural Remedies

If there is a disease that affects more and more people, it is obesity. For good reason, bad eating habits are linked among the population and no effort is made for a healthy lifestyle. In France, more than 10% of the population is a victim of obesity with a high incidence in children. If the consequences of this disease are physical, then they do not stop there. Obesity can actually contribute to the emergence of other, more serious and potentially life-threatening diseases. Find out in this article the signs of obesity in children and natural remedies to treat it.

Childhood obesity: what are the signs to watch out for?

Obesity is a severe form of weight gain, which is almost always associated with excess body fat. The risk associated with limiting weight gain is generally assessed using BMI or BMI and the obesity threshold is exceeded. When this indicator is greater than 30. After the age of 40, we talk about morbid obesity: a dangerous form of obesity that can lead to death.

While there are many factors that lead to overweight in children, obesity often results from a complex interaction of factors such as diet, physical activity, metabolism, environment or genes. It is not always easy to notice a child’s development towards weight gain at first glance.

Both parents and those around them may have a hard time realizing that a child is obese. However, there are some warning signs of childhood obesity. And therefore , When a child’s usual clothes do not fit him And day by day he needs clothes with an increasingly wide waist for his clothes, this is a sign of obesity.

Another sign to be aware of is that The child is running out very quickly During his daily trips or during physical activity. Similarly, when a child becomes more withdrawn or adopts certain risky behaviors such as eating disorders For example, it is usually a sign that the latter is slipping into obesity.

There are also some special signs that may escape the vigilance of parents or those around them, but are especially alert to health professionals. This is the case of a Sudden obesity recovery From birth or from a fairly early development of the child’s body curve, whatever his age.

The same is true of a persistent rise in the BMI curve of a child from birth, a delay in physical or mental development, or a morphological or sensory anomaly.

How to treat obesity naturally in children?

Obesity is not without consequences for the child. In fact, in addition to the increased risk of dragging excess weight into adulthood, a child victim of obesity is in The risk of developing many health problems including diabetes. Physical health problems such as liver disease, bone or joint problems, or balance problems can also occur.

In addition, the emotional health of the child can also be affected. The latter is capable of low self-esteem and after being ridiculed or intimidated by those around him, can plunge into depression. Therefore, in the case of obesity, it is important to contract Make arrangements to deal with it.

Although there has been no standard treatment since then, there are many natural ways to fight obesity. Thus, the most widely used strategy for treating obesity is to reduce the patient’s consumption of high-energy products.

Therefore, the first option consists of to do General Practitioner Use, a dietitian or endocrinologist to develop a diet adapted for gradual change. For good reason, if it’s hard to lose weight, the hardest part is managing the weight after slimming.

Thus, this diet will restore the necessary balance by preferring fruits and vegetables at the expense of fats and sugars. Similarly, when regular and adaptive physical activity, associated with a good diet, not only contributes to weight control, but also helps reduce cardiovascular risk factors associated with obesity.

And therefore , Physical activity must be resumed. Walking, cycling or swimming is generally recommended for beginners.

In addition, a Behavioral therapy It is generally recommended and is moreover very effective. In particular, it is allowed to understand and modify the child’s relationship with food under the care of a specialized psychologist.

Some advice against obesity in children

If there is one thing that contributes most to balancing a healthy weight in children and successfully treating obesity, it is Parental support and support for the whole family. For good reason, it goes without saying that it is an illusion to push a child to change their eating habits if their family is behaving in the wrong way.

So it is imperative that every member of the family does the same. Everyone should apply to Build good eating habits Supporting the patient in physical activities, active lifestyle, etc. Thus, parents should set an example for the child, and meals should often be taken with the family.

Rather than letting the patient engage in physical activity on their own, it is a good idea to make it a part of the daily family routine. Likewise, it will be necessary to ensure that the child has a good understanding of the motivations behind the steps taken to control his weight and to ensure that the latter does not feel restricted or punished.

If we work to make sure that the child in question corrects his eating habits, he will not be able to do it all at once. The same goes for energy expenditure if the latter is stable. To do this, it will be necessary Set realistic goals Fostering a positive approach by avoiding taboos and encouraging their triumph. What prompted him to do better.

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