Weight loss: Here’s what you shouldn’t do before the holidays if you want to lose weight…

However, we know you started a diet with good intentions…

Christmas is fast approaching. Are you one of those people who wants to anticipate the holidays through diet? We explain why this is a bad idea.

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Serious weight loss

The holiday season is rich in emotions and calories. Between mini ovens, foie gras, stuffed turkey, cheese, logs and champagne, it’s hard to be limited to eating enough. At the beginning of the road, many are tempted to start an introductory course to prepare their bodies to welcome all this good. This detox consists of making up for future weight gain with a strict pre-holiday diet. However, it seems that it is not recommended and even dangerous for our bodies.

according to Cecil Petrie, an endocrinologist specializing in nutrition has been reported for comments Madame FigaroWhen you lose a lot of weight, the body “trying to compensate by reducing energy expenditure, and sending a signal to the brain to tell it to eat.” So we will be hungrier and when we bring in more calories, when we resume eating, he will do everything to store them.” In this, such rapid weight loss may not only be dangerous, but also especially counterproductive. In fact, according to Isabel Levasseur, MD, a registered dietitian, “The body has a memory. This is how we gain weight.”

So those who missed their prenatal treatment this year shouldn’t feel guilty. And that’s definitely not a good reason to deprive yourself on New Year’s Eve!


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