The unimaginable way to lose weight

Have you ever tried everything to lose weight? Or try not to take it? Know that there is an unknown solution that may be effective. It is simply a matter of changing the order of his meals, in order to lower his glycemic index.

First of all, what is the glycemic index? It is not to be confused with the level of carbohydrates in food. The glycemic index makes it possible to indicate the ability of a food to raise (or not) the blood sugar in our blood. The higher it is, the less our bodies value. And for good reason, it forces the pancreas to secrete insulin, Which itself will store calories in our bodies.

Follow the guide

So the goal is to lower this glycemic index. Therefore, we must take our meals in a new order that is different from the usual. Don’t worry, we will give you tips. This is the order that must therefore be respected:

Start with fatSuch as olives, butter, oily fish, nuts or avocados.

We enrich all this with fiber: Vegetables are full of it. Glucose will get into your blood less easily because of it.

– It’s a turn Plant and animal proteins to enter the dance. In the program: tofu, almonds, dairy products, eggs or red meat.

– Finally, you can finish the meal with Foods with a high glycemic indexSuch as mash, pasta, rice and fruit.

It is not known if these tips convinced you, but you can always test them and give us some news in the coming days, weeks or months. Of course we are counting on you!

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