Stroke prevention: When the bank takes the front line

The box developed by Loire Life Medical Control, very easy to use, measures the heart’s activity during the night, as part of stroke prevention. © d

Stroke (cerebral vascular accident), which causes 30,000 deaths each year, is one of the leading causes of disability in France in adulthood.

However, it is accepted that early detection significantly reduces the risk of stroke. Awareness is growing at all levels, including within companies. Thus, Crédit Mutuel du Sud-Est entered into an agreement with Loire’s subsidiary Life Medical Control. This regional startup, founded in 2007 by physicians, researchers and industrialists, specifically developed the NeuroCoach concept, in collaboration with cardiologists from Saint-Etienne University Hospital.

What is the principle of this innovation? A simple box that allows you to measure your heart’s activity while you sleep. Concretely, thanks to the electrodes, the device records various medical parameters. This data is then processed to analyze sleep quality, detect any heart rhythm disturbances and assess the autonomic nervous system, ANS at the origin of multiple diseases.

NeuroCoach Sleep Tested Anti-Stroke Kit

Crédit Mutuel, deeply involved in the idea of ​​quality of life at work, has negotiated a framework agreement with several local variations. This ranges from exercising in a company to preventing psychological and social risks. The experiment conducted with NeuroCoach is part of this social protection policy “,” explains Olivier Beimer, Director of Human Resources at the Fédération du Crédit Mutuel du Sud-Est.

In total, for a month, 718 employees aged 40 or over, as well as 590 elected officials aged 50-62, will be able to benefit from this 100% regional screening technology. After testing the NeuroCoach kit while they sleep, all of these volunteers will receive a full, detailed report. Data that allows the attending physician to make an accurate diagnosis and, if necessary, to develop a preventive treatment plan

Also a good way to make them aware of the risk factors for stroke: if age and heredity remain in the first line, other aggravating factors (sedentary lifestyle, smoking, diabetes, arterial hypertension, obesity, stress) appear above all. From the cleanliness of our lives…

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There is one stroke every 4 minutes in France, or 150,000 new cases each year, 30% of which are fatal. 25% of these strokes, according to Public Health France, are in people under the age of 65. Warning signs are: muscle weakness, paralysis on one side of the face (hemiplegia), numbness in one or more extremities or the face, partial loss of vision, difficulty speaking, disturbance of balance, headache, sudden and severe headache. If you suspect you are having a stroke, every minute counts: do the 15th day!

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