Amazon Prime Video: 2 fun movies and series to watch tonight

Christmas is not far away! So you can also take advantage of the calm before the holiday storm to unwind in front of the excellent programming of the Amazon Prime video streaming platform. High-quality movies and series aren’t what’s missing from the SVoD streaming service catalog, and the editorial team at CNET France are here to help you make the right choice.

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So this Thursday evening we recommend that you discover (or check out) two particularly funny and interesting programmes: The Movie An endless day, and the series Parks and recreational resorts.

What are the movies and series to watch on Amazon Prime Video tonight?

Twisted Antidepressant Movie: A Day Without End


Phil Connors is responsible for the television’s weather forecast, and he goes to prepare his annual report in Punxsutawney as they celebrate Groundhog Day. But a blizzard prevents him from returning to his home in Pittsburgh and spending the night in this lost city. The next morning, he notices that he’s living again the day before, and seems to be stuck in a time loop, having to relive over and over the famous “Groundhog Day”.

CNET France’s opinion

What if you had to go through the same day and the same events over and over again? Based on this interesting basic premise, An endless day It has established itself as one of the funniest and finest comedies of the ’90s, and a classic of the genre.

Directed by Harold Ramis (actor in Ghostbusters) and carried by the invaluable Bill Murray, perfect as a grumpy journalist, the movie makes good use of its cool theme. first light comedy, An endless day It turns into an action movie, into a love story, and then into a sad story about the meaning of life, and what we share with others.

A wealth of tones and themes allow the film to touch the heart and be more than a simple comedy, thanks to a talent for improvisation and game prowess for its lead role. Murray finds himself on his mission bolstered by a series of lovable secondary roles, and perfect counterpoints to his character in Operation Salvation.

This Christmas movie is not really a Christmas movie, An endless day Especially since he has that hint of poetry and magic that will address everyone this holiday season, and that will help him make a small spot on your movie list. I feel good and favorite antidepressants. One Must see Which we recommend, of course.

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Fun cult series: Gardens and Recreation


This series follows the adventures of Leslie Knope, a middle-ranking official in the Department of Parks and Recreation in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana. She insists as much as possible in adding a little lightness to this quintessential American city. She aspires to only one thing: beautify her small town. Unfortunately, she works in management, where the standard answer is always “no”.

CNET France’s opinion

Created by Michael Shore and Greg Daniels, two of the parents on the other sitcom the deskAnd Parks and recreational resorts It is necessarily inspired by him in substance as well as in form. Thus we find the same subject (the daily life of office workers), the same absurd humor and the principle of a false documentary, with a portable camera and characters addressing the viewers directly.

After a somewhat muddled first season, the series takes on its own tone in season two and three, freeing itself from its illustrious archetype. Worn by The Optimist’s main character Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), Parks and recreational resorts It is also and above all a massive gallery of characters, all of them eccentric, imperfect, hilarious, and likable the most.

More than just a funny series, Parks and recreational resorts It deals with many surprisingly relevant topical topics: obesity in the United States, feminism, management, racism, American politics… Serious topics are cleverly treated through hurtful and effective humor.

A solar series with communicative optimism, the series casts a unique tone with the same energy through 7 seasons, and will become the perfect companion for long winter evenings. A mix of humour, cute characters and worship scenes feels satisfying which we heartily recommend.

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