Weight loss: These fatty foods that have unexpected slimming advantages will help you lose weight

Who said you should only eat green vegetables if you want to lose brioche?

Whether or not we think we’re the experts at the table on healthy foods, well, it looks like we need to review more. in our minds, Diet rhymes with deprivationGreen food, tons of exercise. However, it seems to force Some so-called fatty foods. No, this is definitely not your favorite truffle pizza, unfortunately. but instead of Small everyday products that blends perfectly in a file balanced lifestylewho are fighting overweight.

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To lose weight you have to eat fat?

Well, let’s clear things up first. There is clearly Different types of fats. Fat in a fast food restaurant is different from salmon fat, for example. To lose weight, the first thing to do is never feel guilty. Once you eat it, well, it’s too late, so you can also keep fond memories of it. You may be wondering, how is this possible fatty foods Can it make us lose…our fat? Lipids (fats) play a very important role in the proper functioning of our body. “As long as I stay in development, there is no reason to to delete Fresh cheese, butter or cream. Saturated fats are part of a balanced diet. Then Charlotte Debogny and Catherine Moreau explained in the book “I eat good fats and it makes me feel good!”. In short, all you have to do is pick the right fats from the right foods and you’re good to go. Goodbye, extra pounds.


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