Health: How to avoid getting headaches when working from home?

by Jessica Morens

Remote work is once again a part of our lives. Although it has its pros and cons, many people are said to be prone to headaches when working from home. Here’s how to avoid it.

Do you get migraines when you work remotely? Your head is boiling, your temples are sore, your eyesight is blurry and you may feel nauseous…

Migraine is a true disease that affects 15% of the population, including the majority of women. The causes of migraines are difficult to determine and are specific to each person: hormonal changes, stress, obesity, sleep disturbances, irregular lifestyle, excess caffeine, alcohol, etc. But certain habits can favor them…

And this new occupational habit seems to have a role to play in our headache treatment. Finally, some of our bad habits when we work at home are to blame for this annoying migraine.

Here’s how to avoid migraines when working remotely

  • Make yourself a routine: Recreate your home office routine. Get up, get dressed, go for a walk before you start (as if you were making the trip), etc. You’ll still be in the habit of taking breaks, which will help you avoid migraines. This way you also won’t skip meals, which can also trigger migraines.
  • Exit your screen: It is very important to stay away from your screen for a few minutes, several times a day. In fact, you are more prone to blue lights when working remotely, and trigger migraines. You can also choose a pair of blue light glasses.
  • You have a workspace: Working on the sofa or in the kitchen can lead to a number of comfort issues and distractions. Poor neck posture can also cause headaches. Prefer to sit in a chair, on a real desk, or at a table. Place your feet flat on the floor, shoulders relaxed, and place your arms close to the body with your wrists supported as you type.
  • Avoid bright rooms: A sunny room is not ideal for people prone to migraines, which are often sensitive to light. A warm, uniform glow is preferred to improve your visual comfort.
  • Use of noise canceling headphones: If you have children, they can easily get distracted and cause headaches. Use noise-cancelling headphones to separate and focus on your work.

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