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By Oriana Castro

  • Lathwell |  Luxopuncture and light therapy: a new care center in the city.

In June 2021, Charlotte opened her care center in Laetuelle (Haute-Savoie). The young woman practices acupuncture, infrared acupuncture and light therapy, a technique that combines relaxation therapies with light manipulation.

For Charlotte, it was her personal experience that prompted her to embark on this activity: “I was a salesperson, and I was exhausted. After a year of medical fugue, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia (editor’s note of chronic diffuse pain). To heal, you have to rest and take more care of yourself. Then I started my own acupuncture treatment with a friend who’s been doing it since More than 10 years.In two months, I lost more than 12 kilograms.Relieve my joints.

At the same time, I was doing my light therapy sessions and it gave me back balm in my heart. In fact, both activities suit me and work on me. “

On this note, she decided to train and open her own clinic: “If I can help others that is great, and if I can make it my job that is even better.”

Luxopuncuture: Acupuncture is painless

Luxopuncture principle: targeting acupuncture points using an infrared beam. The latter is very similar to a pen and produces slight heat on the targeted parts of the body. Charlotte explains: This technique helps to rebalance the body, relieve stress, but also reduce compulsive behavior. “

For the young woman, it is an ideal alternative for those who are afraid of traditional acupuncture needles: “It is akin to Chinese medicine.” Elle Charlotte jokes: “It is ancestral but more recent.”

If the reasons can be multiple: stress, depression, menopause, smoking… the vast majority of their clients get support in losing weight. Charlotte warns: “Luxopuncture is not a quick fix.” In fact, this technique by itself does not allow you to lose weight. Instead, it acts as an assistant and additional support: “Rebalancing the food is what will make you lose weight. You can eat anything: starchy foods, fruits, chocolate, really anything. What matters is that it’s balanced. Luxunpuncture means we won’t feel cravings or cravings. Helps fight stress disorders. Eating. In this sense it helps to lose weight.”

At the end of each Luxopuncture session, Charlotte offers her clients a light therapy experience. A treatment that, according to her, perfectly complements acupuncture. Lying on an examination table, with glasses and headphones on, sound and light blend in with each other.

There are different programs depending on their needs: “Relaxation”, “turbo-nap”, “joie de vivre” … An exercise that may only last for ten minutes but is dazed: “What my clients tell me is that they often wake up at some point hearing themselves snoring. It does me too. We’re semi-conscious, because we hear ourselves snoring but also left because we snore. It’s a middle state.”

The goal: to forget your daily worries, leave them and recharge your batteries.

Like Charlotte, there are about a dozen of them in the Haute-Savoie department to practice loxopuncture.

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