My mom prevents her son from attending a gay friend’s wedding or causes him to lose $5 million in inheritance

When the man told his mother about his friend’s gay wedding, she asked him not to come and threatened to take his inheritance money from her if he did. Confused, he posted his story on Reddit, and sought advice from other Redditors.

The 29-year-old revealed that his mother was in poor health, suffers from diabetes and obesity, and has a family history of heart disease.

Despite his condition, his 65-year-old mother insisted that he not attend his best friend’s wedding. She also threatened to withdraw the millions of dollars her father left for her as an inheritance if he showed up.

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The Redditor nicknamed Professional-Tax-743 admitted that his mom never liked her girlfriend because of his sexual orientation.

The OP (original poster) doubted that his mother believed he was gay too, but his doubts were dispelled when he proposed to his fiancée and the two became engaged.

Knowing what she thinks of her best friend, the OP decides to tell her mother that he will not only attend the wedding, but also watch it.

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He immediately regretted telling her about it, because she lost her temper after hearing it. She told him not to attend the wedding and used her inheritance as a bargaining chip. “We’ll see how much you get,” she threatened.

The OP admitted that he felt hurt after hearing his best friend’s words.

The OP was disappointed to see his mother’s reaction, as he had never imagined that she would use her father’s inheritance to threaten him.

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He reveals that his father passed away a few years ago, but left the family a lot of money. Even after sharing the estate with his brothers, OP will inherit over $5 million. It is to explain :

“My father passed away about 5 years ago and he has provided us with our needs, an annuity, inventory and two rental properties very well.”

The OP tried to convince his mother to let him attend the wedding, but she disagreed, adding that she would not let him inherit the money unless he promised not to go to her best friend’s wedding.

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Confused, the OP says to his fiancée, who thinks he can do without the inheritance money and continue to live comfortably because they have successful jobs and earn a lot of money.

However, OP still feels that he cannot do without the inheritance money as it will help him retire early and live a less stressful life.

He decides to talk to his best friend and asks him to postpone his marriage because he thinks his mother won’t “live much longer”, but the OP’s best friend replied:

“You choose your homophobic mother over me.”

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The OP admitted that he felt hurt after hearing his best friend’s words. However, he also could not force him to delay his marriage. Confused, he posted his story on Reddit, asking others if it was wrong not to attend the wedding.

Reddit user milee30 responded that both the OP and his mother were wrong to “play the game”. He emphasized that the OP’s mother would control all his movements in the future by using money from his inheritance to threaten him. User commented:

“It seems like an unattractive way to live for years to come, but we all have to make our own choices.”

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Aapudding highlighted two ways of looking at the OP’s situation: ethical and practical. Morally, no one would tell the OP to miss his friend’s wedding for $5 million, but in practice, there’s a lot of money to leave. KhaiPanda’s response:

“The moral part of me wants to be like, ‘How dare you! !! “.But 5 million is 5 million.

Another user told the OP to do what he felt like because some people might say he’d be wrong for giving up his best friend on his wedding day, while others insist he didn’t part with $5 million.

OP was confused. Does he choose his inheritance over his best friend’s wedding? | Source: Pexels

If you were an OP, would you skip your best friend’s wedding to claim your inheritance or risk losing it by attending the wedding? Some people, like the OP, may consider not attending the wedding because they think giving up inheritance money would be a mistake. However, other people choose to prioritize their friendship over money.

If you were the OP’s best friend, would you be offended if he didn’t show up for your $5 million wedding favor, or would you support him by thinking how much money your friend would lose by coming into your marriage? ? Like OP’s best friend, some people get offended when their best friend refuses to attend their wedding. On the other hand, other people don’t make a fuss if they know why their friend is away.

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