In Plorian, Kindergarten conducts study abroad classes – Plorian

26 Little Elves in Hoods and Jackets Sitting on the Grass: This year, Sophie Liliver’s Kindergarten students attend classes outside, about one morning a month. This class is already practiced abroad in Northern Europe, and is also encouraged by civic education, especially since the advent of Covid.

Sophie Lelièvre has always made her students discover nature, but it is the coronavirus that is allowing her to undo her practice. You get information, you read a lot, you visit reception places in the forest, you meet other actors in the environment. “The beneficial effects on children are numerous, on their physical and mental health. Studies show that today’s children are cut off from nature, and it has consequences for their health: obesity, myopia, diabetes, hyperactivity and stress.”

Where do you land?

Convinced of the benefits of this practice, I set out to find a place to welcome them. A person shows him his orchard. Marion David Meffer, host of the Grand Site de France Cap d’Erquy – Cap Fréhel, agrees to accompany her on the adventure.

The National Education Inspectorate supports the project, ASTs Catherine Fouvrier and Rachel Gavard are delighted and the school’s Parents’ Association agrees to fund the project. After the first two sessions, the results were already very positive.

Babies are stimulated, a link with the place is created, and the little mole (their animal mascot) makes the connection with this space.

Marion is pleased with the collaboration of the facilitator and teacher that allows people to discuss nature. Parents played with their children and were well-equipped to take part in these outings in all weathers. Because as the Norwegian saying goes, “there is no bad weather, only bad clothes”!

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