MSA and Maison de Santé de Lisula have been linked by a double agreement

Lisola Health House and Mutualité Sociale Agricole (MSA) signed two agreements on Friday morning.

Diet et Psy and ET3P (Therapeutic Education for Urological Patients).

I started last September, formalizing these projects at the medical establishment with Dominic Simeone, GP, Clarice Jo, Nurse, Marina Gomez, responsible for regional development.

The “Diet and Psychology” agreement is for MSA affiliates and their beneficiaries. Farmers and employees of certain companies such as ADMR or Crédit Agricole. It is an annual package that complements what is not covered by health insurance. Marina Gomez identifies.

This package is for 25 eligible in-office patients, and will cover consultations with a dietitian or psychologist, including an initial evaluation and then a predetermined number of sessions. “Our population is predominantly rural. We have noticed that these people (MSA affiliates) have been excluded from this system because these are non-compensated consultations. This financial support may allow some affiliates who have not been able to consult certain practitioners, to address issues such as obesity and nutrition. But also addictions like tobacco, alcohol or even drug addiction”Dr. Dominic Simeone identifies.

The second agreement, ET3P, which is still between MSA and the Maison de Santé de Lisula and is also organized as an annual package, is a therapeutic educational procedure for patients with kidney disease, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic bronchitis and heart failure. “Initially, it will be health professionals who will benefit from training in remedial education.Explains Marina Gomez, so that they can then offer an integrated treatment program to patients with multiple diseases.

We will conduct 3 procedures during the year in the form of a series of workshops led by specialists and intended for groups of 5-10 patients, educating them therapeutically according to their diseases. Patients likely to pursue this upstream program will be marked during the consultation as we suggest they participate in the sequencing.” Dr. Simone completes.

These actions will focus on diabetes, others will target how to deal with chronic disease’ or how to regulate physical activity when one has heart failure, in short, answers to questions some patients have not dared to ask. Ask about the lack of information and even less ask professionals for lack of resources.


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