Katherine Hosmalin (Slim then!) Lost Lots of Pounds: Before/After liking

On the occasion of the screening of the film Gosh (2012), directed by Charlotte de Turkheim, This Sunday, December 19 at W9 It’s time to take an interest in one of the film’s actresses: Katherine Husmalen. Because between the film’s first airing and the sequel – which is due to hit theaters on December 22 – the latter lost a lot of pounds.

Impressive weight loss that has its origins in a family problem. In 2014, his young son went to Berlin (Germany) to study fine art. Departure Kathryn Husmalen had a hard time accepting it since she was suffering from a terrible depression. “Two years ago, Jules, my youngest child [elle est aussi maman de Zoé et d’Arthur, NDLR] With whom I lived, I went to Berlin to study fine art. I found myself alone in the world! It was terrible. I wasn’t working, my life had no meaning. I had to assemble myself so as not to drown. I took a trainer and surrounded myself with an endocrinologist and shrink to lose weight and regain energy‘, she had referred to our colleagues at expensive October 2016. It was only in 2016 that Katherine Hosmalin returned to film, television and theater where she represented herself in the world very little.

However, her weight loss wasn’t always driven by the dictates of beauty. During a media interview Ma-grande-taille.com In 2012, Catherine Hosmalin captured the connection between her character and her character. Coming from the Auvergne family where”We like the good stuff“Let’s know that she’s always been good at her body.”I realized I was fat when I left my house“, the hostess was captivated, then to realize that”Everyone has a fight to be the man or woman they want. The older we get, the more we want that harmony. Because if today I can give this devotion to this character, it is also because I am at peace with myself.

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