Study finds losing weight can be bad for your romance

by Jessica Morens

It is often said that happy couples gain weight together at the beginning of a relationship. We can then say that losing a few pounds would make us more attractive to the chosen one from our hearts. However, according to one study, it appears to be quite the opposite…explanations.

Losing weight when you’re in a relationship isn’t always easy. In fact, we spend more time with our partner than we go to the gym and generally eat more. Then you may want to lose a few pounds in order to feel better about yourself again and improve some aspects of your love and sex life.

Weight loss, a bad idea?

However, according to an American study published in Health Communication, significant weight loss can harm a couple’s relationship.

To conduct this study, researchers at the University of Texas and North Carolina recruited 42 couples who had been together for 2 to 33 years and had experienced significant weight loss at least two years before conception began.

Volunteers were given questionnaires about the couple’s behavior and communication after one partner had lost a lot of weight.


The first aspect highlighted by this study is that this robust weight loss improves communication between spouses. On the other hand, the survey also highlights many negative aspects.

For example, some couples have expressed that it hurts their relationship. In fact, some people said they felt harassed by their partner for dieting too…

And while many people report that losing weight has improved their sex lives, others say it has worsened their intimate relationships instead.

Some candidates even said they received criticism from their partners regarding their appearance. Two people who lost weight also developed a more assertive personality which subsequently contributed to the deterioration of their relationship.

Finally, candidates who have not lost weight report that they are anxious in their relationship, feel threatened by their partner’s weight loss and are afraid to be left.

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