France 5 Laurent Maestreet and Claude Dartois mocked Anne Elisabeth Lemoine

The image of Laurent Maistret and Laurent Dartois, the Koh-Lanta champion, took a huge hit due to the illegal dinners they were the instigators of. They even mocked Anne Elizabeth Lemoyne.

The adventurers are already accused of deceiving the food. They succeeded in obtaining food by begging for it from vacationers in Polynesia.

Claude Dartois was denied the 100,000 euros pledged to the winner for violating the honor code. The sum was donated to the Bertrand Kemal Society, named after the adventurer who died last year of pancreatic cancer.
And since this episode, Laurent Maistreit and Claude Dartois suffer from a bad image.

They were mocked by Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine at C à Vous, her show in France 5, where she greeted Charlotte de Torkheim to present “Mince then 2! “.
This comedy was filmed at Brides-les-Bains, the spa that specializes in treating obesity.

With part of the team, the actress and director went out to eat normally.

This triggered a reaction from Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine, who referred to Koh-Lanta.
“If I had finished Koh-Lanta, I would have teamed up with cheats and steak frites, huh,” she said.

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