This is the worst drink to drink after 40

At any age, losing weight will never be an easy task. The problem is that after 40 years, things get more complicated… Several factors can explain this.

In your 40s, hormonal changes begin to show. The metabolism tends to slow down and weight loss becomes more difficult. But that doesn’t mean losing a few pounds after 40 years is impossible!

To lose weight effectively, you will simply have to adapt to changes in your body. For example, you may need to set aside some habits that had no effect on the scale before… and that can now add to your weight.

Weight loss: industrial juices are your worst enemy

This is particularly the case with the consumption of industrial juices. Avoid the drink at all! In fact, unlike juiced and natural fruit juices, industrial juices are full of added sugar, dyes, chemical agents… which makes them as bad for your look as for your health!

but that is not all ! Because of their questionable composition, artificial fruit juices do not contain any real nutritional value. In fact, they are devoid of the protein, fiber, and good fats found in juicing fruits.

Several studies, including one conducted by British Heart FoundationIt was found that sugar will be the number one enemy of the goal of weight loss. Worse than fat! By disrupting your metabolism, excess sugar not only makes you particularly fat, but also makes you addictive!

What we must remember is that the consumption of sugar can pass through food as much as it passes through drinks…artificial juices included.

Why are artificial juices really the worst for weight loss?

Unlike sodas and other sugary drinks — which are known to be bad for the streak — industrial juices can be baffling. In fact, these are fruits, we are less careful, we drink more with the impression that they are healthy… It’s a trap you’ll never fall into again!

For this purpose, you will only have to choose real squeezed fruit juice to replace your artificial fruit juice! The good idea is to bet on very specific fruits, which help to lose weight. Celery, beetroot, pomegranate … You are spoiled for choice!

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