Jay Carlier transformed with his weight loss, let’s go Dominic Bishard

Guy Carlier, 72, is another man. A person weighing up to 250 kilograms melted like snow in the sun, resulting in a 160 kilogram weight loss on the scale. A transformation that obviously had visible physical consequences, and he himself joked that he suddenly seemed to suffer from a lot.”AgedThis new look was commented on by Dominique Besnehard.

Former celebrity agent-turned-producer has been invited c for you, on December 16, 2021, and mentioned privately in the group the arrival of Guy Carlier the day before; The latter was promoting the show of the same name which he plays at the Théâtre des Mathurins in Paris from January 8, 2022. On this occasion, the columnist and father of Youtubeur Carlito, managed to make a very kind statement to his friend Pierre Lescure which emphasized the unbalanced taste of everything It’s about culture and artists. Tears rolled into Pierre’s eyes.

Yesterday it was so touching when you were photographed at the time of the Guy Carlier tribute, I almost cried. On the other hand, Jay Carlier was better fat, sorry, I can say that, he’s very skinny‘And so Dominic Bisnehardt was released. He worried about the hill until the host Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine hesitated for her guest.’It was his health that was at stake Dominic [il était en obésité morbide, avec toutes les conséquences possibles du point de vie des maladies, NDLR]’, I told him, preventing the slip from moving forward.

The day before, Guy Carlier had spoken freely of his astonishing transformation—the result of a flick that occurred when he had ended up on the floor in the house, covered in pasta and unable to get up—and then declared:I suppose my past 70 years, I talk about it and say in the show besides I’ve gone from fat chest to old chest without going through the common man’s chest, but I handle it so well because I’ve never felt so good and what a joy it is to live.“Today, after going through several surgeries – he was suffering from titanium knees in particular because he no longer had cartilage – he is moving around with the help of a stick but has regained his taste for life.