Eat healthy: the right reactions to a balanced diet

Eating healthy, a sweet dream that we often put into our good resolutions of the year without really succeeding? Come on, this time is the occasion! In fact, it is It is not difficult to eat healthy food. And the benefits are numerous: better health, a better physique, a more toned silhouette, and sometimes even weight loss … We give you 6 keys to eating better, ranging from the amount of water you drink to the way you cook, through the box of chocolates that will accompany your coffee Always, I promise!

If there was only one rule to remember, it would be this: Eating healthy does not mean banning any food on a daily basis but ensuring the correct amount. Reason ? Excluding certain foods (or families of foods) is the risk of deficiency. The body needs proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins to function well Diverse diet to find them. Moreover, outright rejection of certain foods on the grounds that they are too fatty, too sweet, or too salty can frustrate you and make you “break” as soon as you get the chance (and then make you feel guilty). The idea is to include as many as possible healthy foods In your everyday life: vegetables, whole grains, and proteins (animal or vegetable) at all meals. And because your basic diet is balanced, you can allow yourself a “little bit of fun” (the famous square of chocolate with coffee) on a daily basis, provided you stay reasonable (we said a square, not the whole tablet!).

Always make a shopping list

Whoever has never devoured a can of M&M with the intention of only eating one or two, throw the first stone at us. The truth is that it’s often hard to resist when we have this kind of candy in our cupboards…the solution? Don’t buy it! To do this, get used to Always write a list before shopping And make it a rule to stick with (well, unless you realize you’re missing some eggs, but you get the idea). And of course, if possible, avoid shopping when you’re hungry. In times like these, it is very hard not to break down and buy a lot of products that we would not have bought in normal times and that we probably wouldn’t. healthy to eat Absolutely.

The challenge, when you adopt good eating habits, is to stick to them for the long term. Often the problem is that we get bored when we eat. to overcome this, List development With dishes that make you want it, after the seasons (it’s even more responsible!). The Internet is full of balanced menu proposals (by the way, at Magicmaman we offer you a different menu every week!). But if the idea of ​​going for menus has put you off, know that there’s an app that suggests meal ideas based on your food preferences and offers to do your shopping at your favorite supermarket (many brands are available including Auchan, Monoprix, Carrefour, Interarché and Chronodrive). its name ? Atmosphere *. Other than the cooking boxes that give you enough to make the recipes of your choice, Jow allows you to add the everyday items you need to your shopping list (dishwashing liquid, extra vegetables, yogurt, etc.), but also to delete the ones you already have at home . All you have to do is validate the delivery or drive-by option, once the basket is complete. We tested it, it’s amazing.

* To be discovered on or freely available on the AppStore and Google Play

healthy cooking

Eating healthy means knowing what you’re eating, so it’s clearly highly recommended that you cook for yourself. This allows you to avoid – or at least limit – the amount of processed foods you eat, which are generally high in salt, sugars, and saturated fatty acids (not to mention additives and preservatives). Also, make sure you always have a balanced plate (vegetables, proteins, and starches). You can finally Some healthy cooking methods are preferred over others : So, steaming is much healthier than frying.

drink enough

Did you know that the average percentage of water in our bodies is 60%? Hence the importance of drinking enough water for good health. Some studies have shown that drinking enough water can promote weight loss. Drinking before a meal generally reduces hunger and makes you eat less. Above all, you can drink water instead of soft drinks Significantly reduce the amount of sugar and calories. If you have trouble drinking plain water, choose sparkling water as an alternative to other drinks.

Serve healthy snacks

As mentioned earlier, eating healthy doesn’t mean depriving yourself, and this goes for any snack you might have during the day. Except that instead of choosing sweet, salty, or fatty snacks, choose healthy alternatives : popcorn instead of chips, fruit instead of candy, a piece of wholemeal bread instead of cake, etc. So of course, we agree it’s not the same thing on the mind, but it will totally satisfy your little appetite while still being totally good for you.

So, are you ready to adopt new healthy eating habits?

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