His influential secrets in his difficult struggle against obesity

Laurent Aurnac is a star camping paradise. Since 2006, he has played the main character of the TF1 series, Tom Delormis, the manager of the camp site. Over the years, the public has known him as an actor but also as a public figure. Indeed, Laurent Ournac on his social networks, followed by more than 360,000 Internet users, opens the doors to his private life in moderation. His fans can see that he is a simple guy and full of humor. An attentive and loving husband and father too. Whether it’s a fan camping paradise Or Laurent Ournac fans in general, all of these beautiful people have also witnessed the actor and father’s recent physical transformation.

In 2014, he underwent a gastric bypass surgery that was risky to say the least. A procedure called a longitudinal gastrectomy (How many gastrectomy). This operation allowed Lauren Ornak to lose more than 50 kilos! But over time, the pounds come back. And in his recent interview with Sophie Davant on M Radio, he regretted noticing that this body he no longer wanted. “He’s back”. Objeko He invites you to discover the poignant testimony of Laurent Aurnac regarding his fight against weight gain.

Laurent Aurnac struggles to get his extra pounds back

The metamorphosis, Laurent Aurnac knows this phenomenon well. Since he was young he has been obese. And as he explained in his old interviews as well as in his book The person you dreamed of, published in 2016, obesity is above all a disease. Therefore, people suffering from it should seek help. And it’s time to overcome prejudices that overweight people are just people who don’t exercise and have a poor nutritional balance. However, Laurent Aurnac’s solution to getting out of his illness was radical. Because an operation of the kind he underwent is not without risks. In fact, gastric resection should never be taken lightly. And medical follow-up after this intervention is a lifelong commitment!

readersObjeko He will agree with you, losing more than 50 kilograms so quickly can carry a lot of risks. But Laurent Aurnac was determined to face his illness and make the necessary efforts not to regret his choice. “I gained some weight back. But I don’t let it go. What’s awful is the guilt, shame of going back to see the doctors who have operated on you. You may be tempted to redo the so-called miracle diets to lose weight quickly before your check-up appointments. Except that we know afterward. We gain more weight…”, said Laurent Aurnac in Columns here.

Struggle against feeling a failure?

However, if everything in life was a matter of will, it would already be much simpler. Unfortunately, it is not enough to decide on one thing for it to come true … On the broadcast waves of M Radio, Laurent Aurnac makes this observation. “I’m back for a change, I’m a transformation man”The actor began, laughing. “I have lost a lot of weight, but because I wanted to, even if it means losing my good nature and even if it changes things in my image and therefore in my work.”And Laurent Aurnac added. In fact, his role as Tom Delormes camping paradise On TF1 it has suffered from such a drastic transformation.

“When I talked about it at the time, to TF1 and at camping, I said to them, ‘I chose to do this operation.’ The consequences were already measured. I told them, ‘If this is for a moment, they have to stop us from our side, it will be a pause moment.'” Because it actually seems crazy to say: The audience is going to turn away because I’m gaining pounds or losing pounds.”The actor confessed to Sophie Davant. Before talking about the return of his pounds he lost badly.

“It’s hard to see yourself getting back on the pounds after a few years and to tell yourself that the body you no longer want is back. It’s so hard and so violent for the people who go through it.”He said go.

That’s somewhat the principle of this process there as well. We have no control over the body at that time. I saw myself getting thinner, leaner, thinner… No matter how much I overeat, I kept losing weight, so it was a very new thing in my life. But in the end, it stretches a bit like a rubber band and when you release it. The rubber band goes up again and in fact the weight curve is a bit symmetrical. I find it harder today to see myself gaining pounds than losing them. The weight was flying around with a lot of negative things. “Laurent Aurnac finally said. Words that will not fail to touch the hearts of his fans, Objeko Don’t doubt it.

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