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If there is one thing we will do well on a daily basis, it is Migraines. No matter how severe it is, this headache can spoil our day very quickly. And if we love Convenience of working remotelyThis new occupational habit could play a role in migraines. Finally, bad habits we take when we work out of our warm nest. However, everyone is different, explains Juliana Vanderbloem, MD, a headache medicine specialist and associate professor of neurology at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix: Some people with migraines report that working from home has been beneficial to them, and has had a negative impact for some.“. Here Mistakes should be avoided To take full advantage of our remote work and Avoid headaches.

Migraines: Where do they come from?

When Migraine Settling in, it quickly becomes a real torment. Our head is bubbling, we have Temples paralyzedOur eyesight is blurred and in some cases we feel nauseous. It’s not just a headache, no, it’s a disease According to Inserm, it affects 15% of the world’s population, mainly from Women. And while it’s hard to explain the exact factors behind these severe headaches, we know that some of our habits reinforce them. many of environmental factors Exacerbation of hyperexcitability of the brain of a migraine sufferer: Hormonal changes, stress, obesity, sleep disturbances, irregular rhythm of life, excess caffeine, consumption of opioids, alcohol or certain foods. It may also be hereditary. If these are frequent, it is important to consult your doctor.

Migraines: Telecommuting Mistakes

Although remote work offers a lot of advantages, it sometimes brings disadvantages. Being in front of the computer all day, working on the couch and not eating, sometimes causes headaches. To avoid migraines, we can for example Establish and follow regular procedures. This will avoid us to forget to eat, Or not take a break during the day. If you are prone to migraines, Avoid working in a very bright place. A room flooded with sunlight can be less ideal, as it is often light sensitive. It is important to Leave your screen for a few minutesLike going to a meeting. When working from home, we are more exposed to blue lights, which can give us migraines. Work on your sofa, or your kids will bother you It can give you a headache. Between concentration difficulties and poor postures, you’re not in the best conditions to have a head at its best.

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