School breakfasts – Soleil-sur-Loire (45600)

In the past, milk distribution in schools was intended to encourage students to consume these products to relieve nutritional deficiencies.

In 2004, to prevent the problems of obesity and weight gain that emerged afterwards, it was questioned, leaving the possibility of a snack for children who did not eat breakfast.

Today the context has changed. It can be seen that children enrolled in the Priority Education Network are 1.5 times more likely to start their day without eating.

reduce inequality

The municipality of Soleil-sur-Loire noted that nearly forty children from the nursery school Jean-Marie Blanchard, one in two, were not eating properly, decided to join the school’s free breakfasts operation. launched by the government.

This situation is explained by the fact that 39% of families in the priority area of ​​the village live below the poverty line, compared to 21% in the municipality and only 11% in the community area.

Celine Cotton, the inspector for national education, specifies that all children are allowed to eat breakfast, “so that they are not discriminated against”. Some take only the fruits of the season, which contributes to a balanced diet.

Marie Perronet, deputy mayor responsible for youth and education, stresses the “calming effect” of breakfast, which allows children to calm down at midday.

If Jean-Luc Reglis, Mayor of Sauli-sur-Loire, estimates the allocation of 1.30 euros per meal, he regrets that the criteria for allocating other operating and investment allocations do not adequately take into account the level of poverty of Sauli families.