Symptoms of anemia in the child and methods of treatment .. «Keep your mind from the paleness of the face and long sleep»

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Anemia is a disease that affects young and old, but mothers can cause great distress and discomfort if their children are infected with it, as it is one of the most common diseases in children, with symptoms of exhaustion, severe fatigue, lack of focus and sleep for longer periods, so “them” contacted an immunology consultant to find out the reasons. Infection of children with anemia and methods of treatment.

Symptoms of anemia in a child

dr. Nahla Abdel-Wahab, an immunology and nutrition consultant, said in exclusive statements to “Hun” that mothers can find out if the child is anemic or not by following the following:

– When opening the child’s eye and gently pulling it down, if the color of the lower part is a light shade, unlike the natural red color.

– When the light color appears on the lips from within.

Constantly biting nails.

Paleness in the face.

Constant fatigue with the slightest effort.

Increased heart rate.

When these symptoms appear, the necessary analyzes should be carried out in order to take the appropriate treatment and compensate for the deficiency faced by the body.The immunologist advised the need to diversify the diet, especially vegetables, and increase the intake of animal and vegetable maintain proteins, and urge the child to drink water regularly to improve the body’s performance to carry out physiological processes, and the treatment of anemia.

“Nahla” stressed to completely refrain from consuming tea and coffee and replace them with anise, raw cocoa, but only a cup or two during the day, and add spinach and parsley to the child’s diet, and lemon juice can be used on the liver so that the child can take full advantage of its elements.

Medical examinations for the child every 6 months

The doctor warned of the need for periodic medical examinations of the child every 6 months, and when the results appear confirming the degree of anemia in the child’s body, in addition to dieting, it is necessary to undergo medical treatment Follow that prescribed by the doctor rich in important nutrients.