Dietary supplements for women over 50, especially “calcium and magnesium”


Reaching the age of fifty is a sign of remarkable changes that will occur in the general health of many women, perhaps from the hormonal changes that occur from menopause to changes in mental health, as many women at that age must take refuge. take health supplements to compensate for the disturbances that occur in the health of their bodies.

The most important dietary supplement for women over 50

It’s not important to follow a specific routine to enjoy a healthier body, nutritional supplements can make a difference, so the following report lists them the most important nutritional supplements according to Eat This Not That, a medical website specializing in good nutrition.

– Vitamin D”

Studies have shown that vitamin D is one of the most important elements that people in their 50s should take, and it plays an effective role in carrying out internal processes in the body, as it is useful for fighting inflammation, supporting healthy sleep , and maintains bone health, as researchers recommend taking it daily.

– Potassium

After reaching the age of 50, women’s bodies require a large amount of calcium, 1200 mg per day, as hormonal changes at this stage increase the risk of osteoporosis and bone loss.

– Magnesium

In order to improve the performance in the special exercises of the fifty-year-old, it is necessary to include magnesium in the diet, because many women at that stage suffer from a lack of it, which leads to muscle cramps, weakness, headache, fatigue, so women should consume more than 320 milligrams of magnesium daily to avoid deficiency.

In addition to making sure they eat foods that contain fiber in supplement form, just to improve digestive system health but reduce the risk of developing certain cancers, women in their 50s have half the daily requirement of fiber needed. .