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One Alpha is one of the derivatives of vitamin D, as One Alpha is a component of cholecalciferol as one of the derivatives of vitamin D8, and each 1 ml, or about 28 drops, contains 2,800 international units of vitamin D, but some wonder its effectiveness for weight loss or weight gain, and this is what we will learn more about, so follow us and find out: One Alpha for Weight Loss and appropriate doses.

One Alpha for Weight Loss

If you are looking for an answer about One Alpha for weight loss and weight loss, One Alpha is a derivative of vitamin D, which does not cause weight loss or gain, it does not affect weight, but if eaten within a balanced diet , it will help in the process of metabolism and then maintain weight, and in the following we will learn about the main uses of One Alpha:

  • One Alpha treats calcium deficiency problems.
  • In addition to vitamin D deficiency.
  • In addition to his involvement in the treatment of bone disorders in patients with chronic kidney disease.
  • It also solves the problems of osteomalacia.
  • Besides being a powerful aid in bone-related metabolism.
  • It helps replace vitamin D in the body.
  • Finally, it improves thyroid problems.

But this drug does not prevent its taking in many cases, perhaps the most important – the presence of sensitivity to one of the components of the drug, and it is also prohibited for people suffering from hypercalcemia, in addition to cases of calcification due to a high level of calcium in the tissues of the body. Please consult a doctor before taking this medicine.

One Alpha Side Effects

Taking One Alpha can lead to some side effects that appear on the body, and here we know the main ones:

  • have a skin rash.
  • Redness of the skin.
  • frequent urination.
  • Dry feeling in the mouth.
  • Have a headache.
  • Feeling nauseous and vomiting.
  • Suffering from low blood pressure.
  • Feeling dizzy or dizzy.
  • Diarrhea or constipation.
  • feeling cramped
  • Feeling of irregular heartbeat.
  • Hyperphosphatemia in the blood.
  • Feeling of restlessness in the abdomen.
  • have a skin rash.
  • Feeling of loss of appetite.
  • Excessive sweating.
  • Increased levels of calcium and potassium in the body.
  • Feeling of itching.
  • Having problems with kidney function.

Alpha and Corona

Some studies have shown that a large percentage of people infected with the Corona virus are deficient in vitamin D levels, so in some cases a doctor may prescribe a drug One Alpha or another vitamin D, but we recommend take it without medical advice while adhering to doctor-approved doses.

One Alpha drops for children

The doctor usually prescribes One Alpha drug to children during teething, to stimulate healthy growth of the teeth, and is suitable in cases of wear and tear, malnutrition and cases of low calcium levels in the blood of newborns, and in the Following we learn about the correct doses for children according to the age group:

  • Recommended Dosage for Newborns and Premature Babies
    Varying between 0.05-0.1 micrograms per kilogram per day.
  • As for the correct dose for children weighing less than 20 kg
    The dose is 0.05 micrograms per kilogram per day.
  • As for adults and children weighing more than 20 kg
    The usual dose has been reported to be 1 microgram per day.
One Alpha Prize in Egypt

And we close this article with the price of One Alpha in Egypt, which is:

  • We start with the price of One Alpha at a concentration of 1 mcg per pack of 30 capsules
    The price is 90 Egyptian pounds.
  • While the price of One Alpha starts at the 10ml bottle
    The price reaches 109 Egyptian pounds.
  • Finally, the price of ONE ALPHA at a concentration of 0.25 in the form of capsules
    The price is 43.25 EGP for a pack of 30 capsules.

Notification.. The information contained in the article does not replace the need for medical advice and undergoing a medical examination, in compliance with the doses approved by the specialist doctor, but in the case of taking this drug and the occurrence of any side effect , stop taking it immediately, go to the emergency room and consult your doctor.

From here we learned about One Alpha for slimming and its main uses, and now: If you are looking for more about One Alpha, you can check the one alpha Or share your question with us in a comment.

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