The United Nations emphasizes the importance of diversity in building the resilience of the agricultural system to face risk

A report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations states that diversity in actors and responses is critical to making the agricultural and food system resilient to multiple risks, noting that diversity provides a network for learning and transformation, to to avoid risks and mitigate shocks, and to provide flexibility in responding to different needs and opportunities.

The report obtained by Al-Dustour added that diversity in agricultural systems is characterized by the production of different basic commodities and dependence on different sources of supply and demand, both local and external. output markets are less vulnerable to weakness. Also, relying on multiple trading partners can increase resilience by “importing” from different supply sources or “exporting” to different demand channels, mitigating the impact that simultaneous shocks in one location can have on other regions and sectors.

In local civil society, various market channels – from cooperatives to urban and community-based agriculture – can provide food security and nutrition to citizens, and other mitigation strategies include alternative food sources, such as food supplies.

Internal stocks are a large part of the agricultural and food system, and a mix of nutritious food available from local and import sources is an important risk-spreading strategy, especially for smaller countries, but in countries with a limited agricultural base and therefore more dependent of food imports, managing trade relations by importing a diversified basket of nutritious foods from countries with heterogeneous socio-economic and climatic profiles is crucial to diversify risks and reduce vulnerability to external shocks.

Choosing the most effective diversification strategy will increase resilience and can help policy makers choose the right strategy by enabling them to more accurately predict and address weaknesses in each component to improve the system’s absorptive capacity. improve.

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