Products to strengthen the body’s five defense systems

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To help the body adapt to illness and ensure a healthy life, nutritionists recommend paying attention to foods that can strengthen each of the body’s five defense systems.

Doctors chose a list of products available to each of them: angiogenesis, regeneration, intestinal microflora, DNA and immunity.

Angiogenesis is a completely natural process, but it can have a negative effect and stimulate the growth of diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. According to experts, soybeans, tomatoes, pomegranates and even beer (in moderate doses) are the most effective “adjuvants” for food.

For regeneration – tissue repair – it is recommended to eat fatty fish, dark chocolate, mango and olive oil. A diet rich in fish oil has been observed to increase the production of stem cells, which are linked to better blood circulation in deoxygenated muscles.

Foods that support the reliable repair of DNA should be rich in nutrients and vitamins A, C, D and E. Among them, it is recommended to eat oranges, berries, red peppers, lentils, beans, eggs, sardines, almonds, among others.

Eating the right foods regularly can reduce inflammation and strengthen a weakened immune system. To do this, doctors advise adding cranberry juice, broccoli sprouts, grape juice, blackberries, walnuts, licorice root, raspberries and cayenne pepper to the diet.

The newspaper “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” writes that another way to support the immune system in the fight against diseases in the body is to pay attention to the intestines. Experts recommend choosing black, green, or oolong tea as a beverage to maintain a healthy balance. Good intestinal foods include kiwi, dark chocolate, beans, and fermented foods such as Korean kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt, and kefir.
Also, there is an economical product to improve digestion. The inclusion of egg yolks in the daily diet will have a beneficial effect on the work of the digestive system and relieve vitamin deficiencies. At the same time, egg yolks should be added to vegetable, fish or meat dishes to absorb it well and promote weight loss.