“There is no specific recipe and carbohydrates can be lost.” Shocking Facts About Weight Loss


Weight gain is annoying for many who suffer from obesity, or the presence of flaccidity in their body, which makes them feel uncomfortable wearing clothes, so most of them start to take general solutions, because there is a healthy recipe for diet that many of them follow, although some of them may not be health fit. Their body produces counterproductive results, because it determines the weight loss regimen according to certain criteria that cannot be followed by everyone, and this is what Hen explains in the report in contact with nutritionists.

Every body has its own nature

dr. Samah Suleiman, a consultant in therapeutic nutrition and obesity treatment, said in exclusive statements to “Henn,” that every body has a nature that it must know in the process of losing weight or increasing, and that it is not medically correct to to circulate a diet recipe among people to help them lose weight, as every body has nature through which it determines which diet is right for it and which supports its health.

The nutritionist is the one who determines the food that is suitable for the nature of each body

And the doctor added that carbohydrates may increase weight for people and decrease it for others, saying, “Many of the foods that are known to be smoked can be made thinner,” noting that there are some techniques. that help to know the consequences of reducing or increasing body weight through blood analysis. However, it is not supported in Egypt because of its high cost, but the specialist can determine this by talking to the patient and continuous follow-up, saying, “It is not a prerequisite for the analysis.”

Nutrition consultant: it is necessary to consult a specialist before receiving a prescription to gain or lose weight

Samah indicated that when he resorts to weight gain or loss, it is preferable to refer to a nutrition counselor and talk to him and through him the proper nutrition is determined according to the nature of the case, the person may suffer from a number of diseases that cause weight gain or loss, such as a defect in the activity of the gland, based on this, the doctor asks for a series of tests to start the journey of treating thinness or obesity.