Nagog.. Project Olympic champion swings on 6 machines in gymnastics

Khaled Al-Amir

Oman – Between jumping, rolling and swinging, and the ability to balance, agility and speed, there is an “exceptional” talent for the national gymnastics team player, Salim Ayman Nagog, the 21-year-old, who plays on equipment, the floor, jumper, pull-up, throat, handles and parallel horse.
Nagoj, who studies physical and health education at a Jordanian university, is looking forward to securing one of the qualification cards for the upcoming Olympics, to be the first Jordanian player to achieve this feat, provided all the ingredients for success are met is completed.
Gymnastics was adopted at the first Summer Olympics in 1896, and since then it has become an Olympic sport, and in 1954 the International Olympic Committee established a set of rules for all organized gymnastics competitions, with gymnastics being one of the sports requiring a great deal of physical fitness. and skills, kinetic and a lot of training.
Salim Nagoj says of his beginnings in gymnastics: “My father managed to discover my talent when I was 5 years old. He decided to take me to the Gymnastics Federation, who evaluated my talent and decided to accept that I join them.”
He adds: “I had a lack of great interest in athletes during the academic phase, because as an athletic child I faced great difficulties. My day started from early morning and ended with the evening hours, and the pregnancy was large and difficult in the process of organizing time, and it still continues during my stay in the university study chairs.
About the nature of the diet, he says: “We don’t have a specific diet. Before the tournament, the coach keeps an eye on our weight and body and we try to reduce the food in a way that is not harmful to us, while avoiding relying on fast food, and this aspect I am far from, because I am a fan of home food closest to healthy”, pointing out the need to find a balance in the nutritional process.
Nagoj sees himself as an Olympic champion in the near future, as he says in this regard: “I see myself as an Olympic champion and have this mentality to achieve the desired goal. I think my biggest hope is to qualify for the Olympics, and I have to keep talking to myself to motivate her to achieve this feat.” “.
The player of the national gymnastics team spoke of the ideal way to become an Olympic champion, noting: “The player and coach should not only think of gymnastics, because preoccupation with the concerns of the external life will negatively affect the method of preparation and training. influence, so facilities, requirements and equipment must be available. What the player and coach needs, with the need to provide an ideal training environment.”
And he added: “The player must also be given enough time, so that he develops in the coming years, to gain more experiences that will allow him to carry out the sentence,” stressed that there are differences in the mentality of the players who quickly understand the information and speed of execution, which must be taken into account without haste.
Nagog is regarded as one of the foremost players, who is good at playing on all devices (ground, jumper, pulley, ring, handles horse and parallelepiped), and he has achieved many achievements, most notably fourth place in the Parallel Device in the World Cup “Marcin”, and the third place in the Arab Championship of 2016. In Tunisia, the second place in the Arab Championship in Tunisia in 2019 on the ring apparatus, silver in the individual overall in the Serbia International Championship on all apparatus, and bronze medal in the pull-up and carpet systems, along with the jumping horse gold and the carpet bronze at the President’s Cup in gymnastics in Kazakhstan.
Salim Nagoj appreciated the great support of the Gymnastics Federation family, headed by HRH Princess Rahma bint El Hassan, in providing comfort to the players and coaches to achieve the desired goals, and expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Armenian coach Gorgon Seriknian who helped him reach his level to achieve the dream of reaching the Olympics, and also appreciate the continued support of his family.

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