Does adding lemon juice to coffee help you lose weight?

While coffee helps speed up metabolism and improve mood, lemon promotes satiety, reduces daily calorie intake and is a great source of vitamin C.

In addition to weight loss aids, a new trend on some social networking sites indicates that adding a little lemon juice to black coffee will help shed extra pounds.

Many social media users claim, according to a website report.indian expressDubbed “lemon coffee,” they lost weight within seven days of consumption, and several reviewers said the results were positive, while others didn’t, causing confusion.

While coffee, as a stimulant, helps speed up metabolism and improve mood, lemon improves satiety, reduces daily calorie intake, is a great source of vitamin C and may also prevent free radical damage.

Nutritionists in India said that mixing citric acid with milk makes the whole drink an antinutrient, so adding a little lemon juice to coffee without milk is not harmful to human health, and kidney patients are strongly advised against using it.

The expert added that mixing lemon juice into hot drinks can only be used as a fat blocker if it is milk-free, and this is followed by other healthy habits as well.

He added that while taking the two separately has been associated with better weight loss results, a stronger immune system and better nervous system function, it has not been scientifically proven that combining the two can produce productive results.

But experts warned against excessive coffee consumption, as coffee in excessive amounts can cause dehydration, dizziness, headaches and problems with the body’s absorption of calcium and iron, in addition when people with acidity problems consume excessive amounts of lemon juice. can make it worse.

For effective weight loss, a healthy and calorie-restricted diet in addition to regular exercise is essential.


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