How does losing weight cause hair loss?

In some cases, losing weight can lead to hair loss, as rapid weight loss can lead to nutrient deficiencies, stress, and hormonal changes, which can lead to hair loss. But not all people suffer from hair loss, what is the reason behind it after losing weight?
Hair loss during weight loss usually occurs due to nutrient deficiencies resulting from rapid and sudden weight loss.

Restrictive diets have been linked to severe hair loss, which is a cause of widespread hair loss on the scalp. This can happen up to three months after rapid weight loss and can last up to 6 months.

These are the main causes of hair loss after weight loss, as reported by The Times of India:

strict diet

Researchers have found a link between a strict diet and hair loss. Just like your body, your hair needs enough calories and nutrients to grow and stay healthy. Therefore, when your body is not getting what it needs, hair loss can occur as a side effect.

Calorie restriction, nutritional deficiencies and stress are common among people following strict diets, which are also linked to hair loss.

A 2015 study of 180 women found that iron deficiency and stress were the most common cause of hair loss. In eight cases strict diets were also the cause.

low-protein diet

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and are essential for hair growth. Amino acids are necessary for the production of keratin, the primary structural protein of hair.

When your body does not get enough protein, also known as protein malnutrition, it can lead to hair loss. So if your low-calorie diet doesn’t have enough protein, you can get hair loss.

weight loss surgeries
Weight loss surgery means rapid weight loss, which can lead to common deficiencies such as vitamins, proteins and minerals, and this can lead to hair loss.

In a 2018 study of 50 people who had sleeve gastrectomy, a surgical procedure that removes a large portion of the stomach, 56 percent of people, mostly women, noticed hair loss. Most participants who lost hair had low levels of zinc and vitamin B12 before and after surgery.

How do you prevent hair loss when losing weight?

As mentioned before, hair loss can be caused by severe nutritional deficiencies due to rapid weight loss. So it is important that you follow a healthy and sustainable diet, rather than a strict and restrictive diet to lose weight.

Not only this, strict diets are also harmful to mental health and associated with weight recovery. Choose a balanced diet instead of traditional diets to avoid nutritional deficiencies and hair loss.

If you are undergoing weight loss surgery, make sure you maintain your doctor’s recommended levels of vitamin B12, iron, and zinc. This can help prevent hair loss after surgery.

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