A nutritionist points to the effectiveness of the apple diet in weight loss

Losing weight is one of the things that many girls and women worry about because they like to appear with a decent appearance and graceful body, and many of them are looking for quick ways to lose weight instead of a particular diet to be followed over long periods of time. , which is stressful and boring for many women.

In this regard, Dr. Mona Ayman, a nutritionist, on the effectiveness of the apple diet to lose weight quickly in just five days, as the woman notices weight loss and a difference in her body after just five days.

dr. Mona added that apples are among the fruits that contain a high proportion of fiber that increases the feeling of satiety for a long time and also helps to burn fat and reduce constipation and provide the body with many important elements, provided the apple is eaten with the peel, and indicates that the apple diet is not suitable To continue it for long periods so as not to affect the body by depriving it of other important elements, but it is only valid for five days, as followed in some emergencies, such as attending parties or events.

apple diet regime

The apple diet is followed by eating apples at all meals during the day, eating large amounts of water and introducing some important elements in the meals such as salad and small amount of protein, and after completing the apple diet period, it is returns to eating all the elements in the main meals in moderate amounts.

There are several tips to help you lose weight, including:

Divide meals throughout the day, instead of three meals it can be six meals.

Drink more water, equal to two liters.

Walk for half an hour a day.

Eat green salad when you are hungry.

Eat brown bread instead of white.

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