The story of a man who got rid of migraines in his own way stuns doctors

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Health experts have called for more research into the link between diet and migraine headaches after doctors revealed in a new study that a patient “had suffered from severe and debilitating headaches for more than a decade, completely eliminating them after following a plant-based diet.”

The Guardian published the story of this man, who “tried prescription drugs, yoga and meditation and stopped eating foods that could trigger headaches, in an attempt to reduce the intensity and frequency, but nothing worked.”

The man, who works in photography in the United States by profession, said his migraine headaches made his job nearly impossible. Within a month of starting a plant-based diet with plenty of dark green leafy vegetables, his migraines were gone.

The man hasn’t had a migraine in over seven years and he can’t remember the last time he had a headache. Details of this case were also published in the magazine “BMG”.

Doctors who treated the photographer in the United States suggested that following a plant-based diet might be helpful to alleviate the symptoms of chronic migraines.

But other experts objected to the doctors’ proposal, saying that this is an individual case, that these results cannot be generalized and should not be considered a solution for all people with migraines.

More than a billion people worldwide suffer from migraine headaches. And while drugs can help prevent and treat it, a growing body of evidence suggests that diet can also be an effective alternative to medication, with no side effects, according to the study.

The 60-year-old man, whose name has not been given, is said to have said: “Before I changed my diet, I had six to eight debilitating migraines a month, each lasting up to 72 hours. Most days I had either had a migraine.” or recovering from a migraine.”

“After 12 years of migraines, there was no change and I became desperate,” he added.

Six months before he was referred to a New York clinic for treatment, the man’s migraines had become chronic, between days 18 and 24 of each month.

“Within a month of starting a plant-based diet, which consisted primarily of lots of dark green leafy vegetables, fruits, beans, oatmeal, and my daily green smoothies, I was able to eliminate my headache medication,” he noted.

Within two months, the frequency of his migraines dropped to just one day a month, and their intensity decreased, and after three months his migraines had completely stopped.

“This is a case report and therefore it is impossible to generalize the results,” said Professor Gunter Konnell, a professor of nutrition and nutritional sciences at the University of Reading, who was not involved in the study. “Migraine is a debilitating condition and it’s important to find ways to treat it. Diet can play an important role in treating migraines. Many diseases and some foods are known to trigger migraines.

He added that “substances in dark green leafy vegetables and other foods may play an important role in the treatment of many diseases, but in order to provide specific data or recommendations, we need to do more research.”


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