Amazing Health Benefits of Lentil Soup

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Lentil soup, when prepared in a healthy way, is a complete meal rich in delicious nutrients, as it serves as a treasure trove of protein and zinc, which strengthens the work of the immune system, which is the required food, especially when accompanied by a cold. of the change of seasons, coupled with the re-spread of the Corona virus, and a decrease in temperatures with the onset of winter, and the following are the benefits of warm lentil soup in winter, according to Dr. Mohamed Helmy, a counselor in therapeutic nutrition, obesity and thinness in Egypt.

Lentil soup helps children to grow naturally as it provides them with the proteins needed to build their bodies in a healthy way.

Soup helps prevent fetal malformations.

It supplies the body with iron and copper and thus treats those who suffer from tremors due to lack of vitamins.

It treats anemia as it is rich in iron, vitamins and minerals.

Strengthens immunity, as it is rich in zinc.

Very useful for masculinity, such as seafood chowder.

Eating it helps treat inflammation and chronic pain, as it gives great results, and it is necessary in winter, especially with the increase in pain, because of the low temperatures.

It is recommended to take it at least twice a week, for 8 weeks, to see the difference.

Reduce cholesterol and triglycerides, especially with a healthy diet low in carbohydrates and salts.


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