For married couples only.. Natural juice that ignites the sexual desire of both parties at a high level.. Eat it right now

For married couples only.. Natural juice that ignites the sexual desire of both parties at a high level.. Eat it right now

Many studies and the results of consuming a natural juice have proven its many health benefits, including weight loss, aiding in food digestion and strengthening bones. And recently, a global nutrition expert revealed that this natural juice helps to enhance sexual desire in both men and women. And the British Express website quoted a nutritionist, Christina Jax, as saying that “there is one type of root vegetable… which, when juiced, can help increase sexual desire because it contains high levels of the mineral boron. ”

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Jax pointed out that the juice is made from beet roots, which are high in boron, which is important for bone health, to stimulate the brain and increase attention, which also promotes the production of sex hormones. She reported that “drinking beet juice helps the body metabolize and use estrogen in women and increase testosterone levels in men.” She emphasized that beets also help “the production of nitric oxide in the blood vessels … which makes people feel relaxed, improves their blood flow and gives them better orgasms.”

The British nutritionist said that while feeling better physically and emotionally is linked to a healthy sex drive, a good diet can give a huge boost to the sex lives of men and women by reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow. During her conversation with the British “Express” website, Jax looked at a number of other foods and noted that they enhance sexual desire, including nuts, fruits, spices and lean proteins. “Eating a handful of pine nuts or walnuts can improve sexual function because they contain an ample amount of zinc… Nuts are also a great source of omega-3, which can help reduce inflammation,” she said.

She explained that pomegranate is the best fruit to improve sexual health because it contains a potent blend of antioxidants. It boosts testosterone levels and helps improve blood flow, all of which improve sexual desire. As for spices, the British nutritionist said: “Adding warm spices to food can increase receptivity…create intimacy and heighten romance. Nutmeg and cinnamon, for example, are used as aphrodisiacs in many cultures.”

And she continued, “The smell of these herbs alone helps to elevate mood, calm the nerves, and boost sex drive.” She recommends eating fish, grass-fed beef, and grains, adding, “Protein can provide long-lasting stamina late at night.” beet juice

She pointed out that there are certain foods and drinks to avoid if you don’t want to feel weak…including added sugars, processed and packaged fast foods, saturated fats, caffeine and alcohol. “Foods rich in fiber, while healthy, may not be a good idea if you want a night of passion, as they can lead to increased gas and bloating,” she noted. In this context, a recent scientific study proved that “beetroot can maintain agility and harmonious body, in addition to its tremendous ability to kill cancer cells.” Beetroot is healthy and beneficial for the heart, because this plant contains nitrates in high proportions. grams of nitrates, which is more than any percentage of nitrates in other vegetables, contrary to what studies have shown in recent years.

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