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Exercise programs require a well-designed diet, depending on the type of exercise. In this regard, research indicates that a balanced nutrition plan should contain enough calories and healthy nutrients to improve athletic performance. The body uses carbohydrates and fats as its main source of energy, depending on the intensity and duration of exercise, so insufficient calories hinder exercise and athletic performance, leading to decreased performance.
It is important to spread the culture of healthy eating in the community by designing awareness programs in which many parties participate, for example the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Sports.
Following healthy eating guidelines is important for all walks of life, but when you exercise, your body uses more energy, and you may need to eat more to give your body the extra energy it needs. unless you’re trying to lose weight.
A healthy diet for sports and exercise should include lots of starchy foods, lots of fruits and vegetables, some protein foods and some foods containing dairy products, with the need to drink plenty of fluids. Diet is the key to success for any athlete, so he must follow a nutrition plan designed with a healthy shell so that he can give his best during workouts and competitions.
Each person’s diet is planned based on individual and group goals, with each day’s diet varying depending on the specific energy needs according to the type of activity and the nature of the competition.
A varied healthy diet has many advantages in physical activity and sports, the most important of which are:
So you can perform well in your chosen sport or activity without feeling overwhelmed and tired.
Reducing the risk of infection and disease.
Provide recovery after exercise or an exercise program.

It remains only to say:
We should all strive to eat a healthy, varied diet, based on the advice of nutritionists, in order to have the right energy to live our lives with energy.
The importance of a healthy diet increases with regular exercise, such as going to the club, swimming, running, walking, cycling and playing team sports.


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