Processed foods are the real culprit in high blood pressure.. know the details

High blood pressure can increase your chances of developing serious problems such as heart attacks and strokes, so nutritionists recommend the importance of limiting processed foods, especially if you suffer from high blood pressure, according to the Express website.

According to the NS, “NHSIt’s not always clear what causes high blood pressure, but there are things that can increase your risk, and some lifestyle changes can help prevent it or manage the condition well, such as eating a generally healthy diet and quitting smoking. .

The report explains that processed foods are the main culprit in cases of high blood pressure because they are often high in salt and sugar, one of the causes of high blood pressure, and they also disrupt the metabolism process. the body to produce a lot of insulin and leptin, which it reduces the renal excretion of sodium and water and causes constriction of blood vessels.

The report notes that some foods and drinks may look healthy but should actually be excluded from your diet. If you suffer from high blood pressure, fruit juice is a healthy option, but it can contain a large amount of sugar, such as soft drinks. Sports drinks are also associated with being a healthy option, but they can be loaded with sugar to give you instant energy.

The Health Services Authority (HSA) suggests:NHS) To lower high blood pressure, you need to lose weight, especially if you are obese, exercise regularly, cut down on caffeinated drinks and quit smoking.


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